Saturday, March 20, 2010

Too Much Salt - Not All White Stuff is Healthy

It has been a fact throughout the world of health is that excessive salt use can be a problem to people’s health. But for people who are not taking this warning seriously, they should know that too much salt intake can cause more health problems than what they expect.

First of all, it can cause osteoporosis for women. It has been associated that excessive salt content lowers down the bone density thus resulting to bone weakness and osteoporosis.

Next is hypertension. It has been noticed that the increased salt intake can also increase a person’s blood pressure and many cases have already proven this association.

Third is cancer of the stomach. This disease has been associated with increased sodium level in the body. However, this type of cancer can be prevalent on countries or places where there more salt is included in food preparation such as in Japan.

There are still other problems that can be associated with excessive salt consumption or salt levels in the body. And these problems can cause death once the lifestyle has not changed and without proper medication. So better take this issue seriously and watch out your sodium consumption starting today.

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