Sunday, May 30, 2010

Art-xiety: Art Therapy for Asthmatic Children

Many people may think that only the adults can feel stress and depression but the truth is that even children can also experience these things. As you can see, there are many children who can be very depressed, stressed, and very anxious. And most of the time, these anxieties on children is caused by their health problems. This is the reason why anxiety is very evident to children who have asthma.

Why are they anxious because of asthma? The thought of their past asthma attack can cause anxiety for the children. And a study stated that art can help children be relieved from this problem.

Their parents can get art therapy for their children. The therapy will include crayons and other art materials with the help of an art therapist so they will be able to express or translate their feelings on the art work. According to Anya Beebe, who is an art therapist, the therapy is not about creating beautiful art pictures but will help them be in touch with their deepest emotions and deal with it. And usually, the children who have these anxieties feel better after they finished their art work.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Working and Snacking: Not a Good Thing

Let’s face it. A lot of people these days are having problem with weight gain. And most of the time, this is very noticeable for people who are working in their homes. Primarily, since they are just in the house, food is just very accessible in their homes. They can just stand and grab any from their refrigerators. This leads to continuous snacking and thus gaining more weight in the process.

If you are among these homebased employees that notice continuous snacking, you have to do a number of things in order to help you prevent snacking and help you lose weight.

First, you have to make sure that food is not within the accessible area of your workstation. The accessibility of food in your computer area will only increase the instances of snacking on impulse. Also, make sure not to associate computer with food. Hence, it is better to eat on the dining area at an allotted time instead of eating in front of the computer.

Second, be a watchful eater. Once you are about to grab a snack from your refrigerator, check first whether you are really eating because you are hungry. Most of the time, eating can be one way to alleviate work-related stress. If you think that you are not really hungry, don’t eat that snack and look for other ways to divert your attention from food.

So if you want to prevent weight gain due to snacking at home, make sure to do these steps and you will surely be successful on your goal.

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