Saturday, March 20, 2010

Smoking is Problematic for Your Baby

Smoking can be very problematic for every user and it becomes a major problem once the user is a pregnant women. Primarily, this is because smoking affects both the mother and the fetus.

With the increasing number of tobacco users and the number of tobacco-related studies, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force is now starting to give more attention to pregnant women who smoke. For them, they believe that the main solution for women who are having some smoking problem is counseling. They have come up with five steps in doing the counseling for these pregnant smokers.

To summarize the whole five steps, it includes proper interaction with the primary care provider about the issue with smoking. Basically, the physician should be able to ask them about smoking and that the patient should tell them the truth. Aside from this, there should also be willingness on both parties about helping each other to achieve smoking cessation. This means that the patient should be serious in quitting and that the physician will be of support in terms of the medical approach.

Smoking can cause different pregnancy complications and even affect the fetus’ development so it is better to increase the awareness of women about this problem.

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