Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Calling All Women in Their 30s and Going

Avoid the scare and face the facts - age does matter when it comes to health, especially for women when they reach their 30s. So better prepare yourself and be open to the idea of how important it is to visit your OB-gynecologist and have an ultrasound, a Pap smear or a breast exam whichever your symptoms fancy.

One disorder that seems prevalent these times is what is known as ovarian cyst. It happens when an ovarian follicle becomes larger than 2 cm which can be the size of a pea or as large as a golf ball. Most often these cysts are benign and do not cause a health threat, but when they start to cause bleeding and pain or any other symptoms such as stated below, that could be a signal to go and have that appointment with your doctor.

These are the possible symptoms that may indicate you have ovarian cysts:

* Dull ache or severe abrupt and sharp onset
* Discomfort in the lower abdomen (left and right or either)
* Pain in the pelvis, vagina, lower back, or thighs that may be constant or intermittent
* Abdominal fullness, pressure, heaviness or bloating
* Breast tenderness
* Pain pre, peri and post menstrual period
* Unusual uterine bleeding or spotting
* Difficulty urinating or incomplete emptying of the bladder
* Bowel movement changes or difficulty because of pressure on the pelvic anatomy
* Weight gain
* Nausea or vomiting
* Fatigue
* Strange nodules that feel like bruises under the layer of skin

If you sense any of these, go and have that nice picture taken of your abdomen and pelvis. A simple ultrasound might even save you from sleepless nights and useless worrying.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Introducing The Geek Desk For A Healthier Back

Are you the type of person who cannot sit nor stand too long? If you happen to have work that requires you stay in just one position, then you might find working tables from GeekDesk very helpful.

This could work well especially for writers who always seem to not have the chance anymore to get out of their seats, meeting deadlines and stuck with being just a total nerd. On the other hand, to be able to shift into another position, like working while standing up can really help not just ease your back but your writer’s block.

Their wide desk which measures 45 inches can be bought for $749 while the 79 inch model is priced at $799. With this furniture, shifting from sitting to standing and vice versa can really be done smoothly. This could also help fight obesity since studies say that you tend to get hungrier when you slump most of the time on your chair.

So practice something new… work while standing up.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

San Franciscans Get Veggies for Mondays

The Board of Supervisors of the city passed a resolution that would declare Monday as a “meat free” day. The resolution was sponsored by the vegetarian Supervisor of the Board, Ms. Sophie Maxwell.

According to her, they are encouraging every food establishments, schools and other stores to render plant-based food options once a week, particularly on Mondays for the benefit of everyone’s health and a step to fight global warming as well. They also passed another non-binding resolution which commended establishments who use the cage-free eggs alone.

The entire board was invited to Ms. Maxwell’s office for a full vegetarian treat.

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

FDA To Ban Menthol Cigarettes?

It was just recent this week when it was in the news that FDA was in the process of reviewing whether to ban menthol cigarettes in the market, this despite being known to be the most popular flavor of cigarettes that Americans smoke. This is also known as the one most popular with African Americans.

Surveys say that most of the young smokers of today started their smoking habit with menthol cigarettes. They said this is due to the reason that the mint taste of the favor tones down the strong flavor of the tobacco which could be overwhelming for a smoker who is just starting on the habit.

On the other hand, most African Americans describe it as something soothing to their throats each time they smoke it compare to the average cigarettes. However, the whole point here is that there was no study that says menthol cigarettes are less dangerous than the regular ones. In fact, many African Americans get to have lung cancer and other ailments related to tobacco even if they smoke less than the white smokers.

The scientific advisory panel of the FDA is still yet to make a decision for they still await more results from further studies and surveys from the actual communities.

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