Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Resveratrol in Red Wine

The Resveratrol is the reason behind the healthy advantages brought by red wine. This is usually found in the skin of the red grapes which are usually used in the production of red wine. The most common health advantages that the red wine is most known for would be its capability to improve the cardio system of the body and slows down the speed and eventual effects of cancer.

Red wine may be a bit acidic in nature and its having to contain ethanol makes it capable of fighting all kinds of bacteria in food and the resveratrol once again proves itself contributory in this aspect. As this triggers more scientific research by the experts, more question arise too in terms of the linking of resveratrol to red wine such as the following:

- How much resveratrol content should be present in red wines?

- Should this have some sort of legal regulation, like having to state it in every red wine bottle packaging?

- If this happens to encourage more to drink wine, will overconsumption lead to alcoholism as well?

Regardless of all these questions, moderate consumption is still what’s matters most. Resveratrol can also be found in red grape juice and not just in red wine. However, such juices should not contain any artificial coloring or compounds.

Photo via nutritionresearchcenter.org

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