Thursday, April 22, 2010

Introducing The Geek Desk For A Healthier Back

Are you the type of person who cannot sit nor stand too long? If you happen to have work that requires you stay in just one position, then you might find working tables from GeekDesk very helpful.

This could work well especially for writers who always seem to not have the chance anymore to get out of their seats, meeting deadlines and stuck with being just a total nerd. On the other hand, to be able to shift into another position, like working while standing up can really help not just ease your back but your writer’s block.

Their wide desk which measures 45 inches can be bought for $749 while the 79 inch model is priced at $799. With this furniture, shifting from sitting to standing and vice versa can really be done smoothly. This could also help fight obesity since studies say that you tend to get hungrier when you slump most of the time on your chair.

So practice something new… work while standing up.

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