Sunday, April 4, 2010

FDA To Ban Menthol Cigarettes?

It was just recent this week when it was in the news that FDA was in the process of reviewing whether to ban menthol cigarettes in the market, this despite being known to be the most popular flavor of cigarettes that Americans smoke. This is also known as the one most popular with African Americans.

Surveys say that most of the young smokers of today started their smoking habit with menthol cigarettes. They said this is due to the reason that the mint taste of the favor tones down the strong flavor of the tobacco which could be overwhelming for a smoker who is just starting on the habit.

On the other hand, most African Americans describe it as something soothing to their throats each time they smoke it compare to the average cigarettes. However, the whole point here is that there was no study that says menthol cigarettes are less dangerous than the regular ones. In fact, many African Americans get to have lung cancer and other ailments related to tobacco even if they smoke less than the white smokers.

The scientific advisory panel of the FDA is still yet to make a decision for they still await more results from further studies and surveys from the actual communities.

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