Thursday, February 3, 2011

Get Those Popeye Muscles With Some Real Spinach

A new study from Sweden says that spinach is really the one that gave the famous Popeye The Sailor Man all the big muscles. Spinach is considered a superfood that is an ideal source of inorganic nitrate that when taken can also help in powering up our cells.

Its effect can be so potent that you can feel it working in just three days. However, the researchers still do not recommend taking supplements that have the inorganic nitrate component. They advise instead for people to eat about a plate of spinach or a couple of red beets. If you would include a sufficient amount of such fruits and vegetables in your daily diet, then you can be sure to be a lot healthier. However, there are also some studies that reveal how the use of strong mouthwashes can reduce the level of nitrate. Hence, it would not hurt to steer away from those very powerful mouthwash products since they only just sting your mouth.

So if you want to build those muscles, you have got to give some love for spinach.

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AleR said...

I love spinach!.. with meat!

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